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tt(TopTier), #NXTLVL


TT(TopTier) is a black & white hip hop-pop-trap duo.

🙏🏻 DIFFRNT. UNTY. TICKT. 🙏🏿 embodies peace, love, persistence and hard work. Consisting of rapper SHOWTIME Iggy and singer MC, the musical outfit brings exciting next level (NXTLVL) music to ears everywhere.

Growing up from different spectra of race, society attempts to separate us, but we remain united. TT(TopTier)'s music draws upon their personal journeys with identity, self expression, love and loss and aims to inspire in others the power to own who you are and share it with pride. The duo's presence is contagiously fun and invokes great times and celebrations.


Personifying their 🙏🏻 DIFFRNT. UNTY. TICKT. 🙏🏿 NXTLVL mantra, TT(TopTier) has not only performed throughout the US tri-state area, they have received international recognition, from remote areas of the UK to the Netherlands.

The hip hop outfit released their April track "Qualli" after beginning 2021 with resonating and catchy March single, "Lemme". Combining pop with hip hop and trap genres, the track’s hook is highlighted by SHOWTIME Iggy and MC performing interchanging vocals. SHOWTIME Iggy delivers a contemporary rapping lyrical display reminiscent of current top hip hop artists and a melodic touch from the past. MC provides elevated and melodic singing parts in the style of classic and recent chart toppers.


TT(TopTier)'s latest release, "SO HIGH", has been praised by label leaders as a "balanced classic yet next level blend of melodic poppy flow that deserves more than one listen...". Their first single, "Thousand Times", has received more than 80k views on YouTube, drawing praise from audiences around the globe. 

With new videos in production, this innovative music group is gaining fans rapidly, moving their catchy trap-inspired pop sound to the forefront of contemporary rap music scenes. 


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