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    Wuxi Belt Rubber Belts Co., Ltd. produces driving rubber belt. The products are mainly applied to automobile engine and other mechanical drive. Our company carries out people-oriented management, and provides employees with a broad stage. Welcome to join us. We’d like to create a wonderful future together with all friends.
    Recruitment Object:

    I. Post: Technology Quality Engineer
    1. College degree or above, major in Rubber Chemical and High Polymer Material;
    2. More than three years of work experience in the industry;
    3. Proficient in rubber products, familiar with rubber processing technology and rubber product test;
    4. Responsible for the improvement of rubber product adjustment and performance as well as improvement and innovation of production technology of rubber products;
    5. Quality monitoring, participate in handling major quality problems, responsible for product performance and quality;
    6. Solve the technical problems in the production process according to relevant requirements;
    7. Familiar with ISO9001 and TS16949, candidate familiar with relevant requirements preferred;
    8. Good communication ability and team spirit;
    9. Salary negotiable.


    II. Post: Workshop Director
    1. College degree or above, major in Rubber or Management;
    2. More than three years of management experience in the industry, familiar with production management and 5S field management, candidate with workshop management experience in large manufacture enterprises preferred;
    3. Familiar with industry standards, production process and scientific operational specification, receive ISO training, strong quality awareness;
    4. The field staff management ability and administrative ability, strong team leadership and labor force, good ability of analyzing and solving problems;
    5. Strong organization, communication and coordination ability.
    6. Salary negotiable

    Salary: Negotiable
    Company Address: No. 87, Huicui Road, Huishan District, Wuxi, Jiangsu
    Contact: Miss Qiao
    Tel: 0510-83623330
    E-MAIL: belt-sunyan@yahoo.com.cn